Sunday, May 15, 2016

General update

It's been a .long time since I added a piece to this blog. In fact, I haven't spent the winter travelling the world, but  have been trying to keep up with a  number of changes recently, which have taken up a lot of my timeand energy!
Firstly-- just after my last report, BCR Global, the company that has serviced our  textile recycling all these years, surprised everyone by going into liquidation. The textile back was sealed up while another company was found to replace BCR.  Fortunately, with s a great deal of support from Babergh/Mid Suffolk Waste department, who supplied a  wheelie bin for the public to use, the textiles were all stored safely in my garage until the new company(ERC) started collections earlier this year.
About this time Takeback Ltd who take our laser and inket cartridges, was sold to another, very large company.  This hasn't  has much impact as yet.
Then -HURRAY -  the school anounced that the very ancient and problematical toilets were going to be replaced and the tempoery toilets needed to go on the recycling centre as it was the only place where the sewage pipe could be accessed!
So all the recycling banks were re-sited on the Village Hall car park. Once again Babergh/ Mid Suffolk waste and recycling department stepped in and organised this.
Only the Book Recycling has carried on as normal. Loads of wonderful books hav been donaated and I've had time tosort and sell them on the Internet
This just one of forty art books that I received this weekend. All in excellent condition. So far I've managed to photograph ten and add them to my store
Take a peep. You might be tempted!
PS. We now have a page on Facebook

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Super " AS NEW" books

The number of excellent second-hand books that people donate to our recyling centre is amazing.
Here are just a few that you can buy via our store front on Amazon

Have a look at the Amazon site.The quality of all the books that are featured are are better than "VERY GOOD" .

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I shal be displaying this at the recycling centre later today.
Thiss amount doesn't include moneythat has been generated by book sales since this March  and the income from Takeback Ltd for recycling cartridges, since the end of last year.
No news, as yet about the work that needs to be done to improve the children's toilets.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Every little helps

It takes a while to collect enough stamps to send to the R,S. P. B., so I was pleased to post this parcel yesterday.
Had to look up their address, so did a bit of research at the same time.
Stamps raised £17.000 to help save the Albatross between 2012 -2013.
Uk stamps raise £6.00 per kg.
Foreign Stamps raise £17.00 per kg.
More unusual or rare stamps sell for more.

My parcel weighed just over a kilogram and contained UK , foreign stamps and hopefully a few rare ones. A dropi n the ocean, but worth doing I think!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Catching up time.

 Books keep arriving at the recycling centre. They all need sorting and most of the very good, undamaged ones are sold or traded in on the  internet via Amzon  and Ziffit.

These two Nicci French thrillers  are the latest book to go on Ebay

Just before the end of term the school recieved a cheque for £391.32. This is the profit from  the book sold between December 15the 2014 and the end of March. 
Thank you  to all the  people who donate and all those who buy our books!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Feeling sad -- the bookshop at Green Metropolis has closed

Initially, I started to sell the better quality and more unusual books that are left at the recycling centre on this lovely website because The Woodland Trust received a small amount from each sale. But Green Metropolis was much more than that -- a community website for book lovers, with a discussion forum, info about books and much more!

In his closing statement, Barry Crow says:
Together we’ve helped keep more books in circulation for longer, helping the environment and, with your help, have raised over £35,000 for our charity partner.
Out of this amount, The Woodland Trust received a massive £28,224.00. What a great achievement. Let's hope Barry Crow has another brilliant idea up his sleeve!

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year. New opportunities!

This  notice adorns the book stall at the gate and the New recycling notice board at the recycling centre!.
I'm just amazed at the number and quality of  books that are passed on to me to sell and raise funds for school. I'd love to have time to read a many of them, but.......!

As gate sales don't keep pace with the number of books that I receive, I now sell on  Amazon and Green Metropolis.
Just before Christmas I discovered, which is similar to Amazon's "Trade in" site.
A fast and efficient service and great if you have a lot of books to sell.