Monday, April 02, 2007

Buckle's Wood

Money raised by our recycling scheme has funded many school projects, the latest of which is perhaps the most long term and interesting one. A field at the back of the meadow has been given to the village by a local land owner, James Buckle, in order to develop it as a Community Woodland. The newly planted trees and shrubs will eventually become Buckle's Wood.

The school is closely linked with the scheme; the children have their own planting area and a Governor is part of the management group that is overseeing its development. The recycling fund paid for most of the first lot of trees that were planted.

The photo was taken by Bob Dewes, a Sea King pilot from Wattisham Airfield and parent of a pupil at Elmsett School. Buckle's Wood is the field which is surrounded by a hedge, at the back of the school,
The Green Light Trust has encouraged us throughout and there's more information on Buckle's Wood Blog

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