Sunday, August 05, 2007

Been Busy

There is a big gap since my last report. Not an extended summer holiday, but our Woodland Fayre has kept me occupied for the last two months (as well as keeping an eye on the School's recycling centre).

The rain kept away and everything was more or less ready in time! The organisers had a good time and many visitors asked if our event was to be the first of many more! The answer is Yes, but not at the start of the summer holidays!

We were delighted to be chosen as a winner in Powergen's search for energy conscious Summer Fetes and were given £500 to help develop Buckle's Wood, 500 energy saving light bulbs to distribute and 2 energy saving boxes for raffle prizes.

I took the photo above this morning. It shows the second group of trees that we planted in Bucklle's Wood. The trees that we planted on behalf of all the companies that have supported Elmsett School's Recycling Centre, part of our first planing session, are behind me. All the trees are growing well and it is starting to feel like a woodland. Many people who came to the Woodland Fayre, walked round the wood for the first time and were surprised and enchanted by what they saw. A special place.