Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Aluminium Cans

This is our sturdy can crusher.
The wall mounted one didn't last very long! The lousy summer has meant that it has not been used too much this year. Also the pub that saves their cans for us was closed for some time, while the building was repaired.

So this time as we only had a small load of sorted, crushed cans we took them to Whip Street Motors and received £80 for our recycling fund. In the past, Pearsons would collect large loads of aluminium cans from us.
Our can crusher came from Home Recycling. I understand that it had to be imported from America. That was two years ago. Perhaps they are made in the UK now. If you remember to put a bin liner in the base, the cans can be crushed and bagged in one go.

I haven't tried crushing steel cans yet, but I seem to remember that the information implied that you could if you wanted to. OK if you can get people to wash out their cans first!

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