Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eco -Schools Celebrations

When we opened our recycling centre in 1994, we were surprised to discover that our recycling topic involved a lot more than just sorting rubbish into piles for recycling and heaps that were destined for our local landfill site. Our recycling topic soon grew into a "caring for our environment" theme and reached into most areas of the curriculum.
Now, our environment and climate change is an urgent, global issue, with gloomy forecasts about our plight on the news almost on a daily basis.
So I was delighted to hear that the staff and pupils at Elmsett have continued to work on green themes, and were rewarded for their efforts by receiving their second Eco-Schools GREEN FLAG at the end of last year. Great news. They have new targets to work on, in order to gain their third flag. If they go on beyond that, the fourth flag is permanent. I don't think many schools have achieved that.

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