Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Too little---Too late

So--not much effort was made to reduce our energy consumption on E-Day, maybe because it wasn't given much attention in the media.
Perhaps a glimpse at the article for Monday 3rd March on an American blog might persuade people that some sort of urgent action is needed to protect our children's future.
Click on the link "checklist toward zero carbon", for a comprehensive view on the state of our planet and what everyone can do about it.
But--don't bother if you're depressed!!!!


Aphra said...

I'm convinced that the softly softly approach won't work, because most people won't make much effort. It's only when they're forced to change their behaviour by sanctions of one sort or another, or taxes, that they'll make significant changes. However, this sort of action is so unpopular that the government won't take it until it's forced to. Airport expansion plans show that they're really only interested in short-term economic gains, rather than long-term environmental ones. Sorry to be a pessimist.

luis said...

Very interesting.

If the economics don't work, recycling and sustainable efforts won't either.
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Eco-gran said...

Thanks Luis
Economcis could be cause of our problems!! Forget taking action for money's sake. Go green for the planet' sake.
The way our world is going, everyone will have to adapt to expectin less, rather than more.