Sunday, May 04, 2008

Paws for Thought

This is Hairy Maclairy, a local stray, who has been lurking in our garden for the last couple of years. I started to buy cat food again to tempt her in on cold winter nights. She comes in to eat, but prefers to be outside in the wild.

What has this to do with recycling? Well, whilst perusing the many brands and colourfully packaged varieties of cat food, I realised that all landfill sites must be full of POUCHES. Convenient for people, but not good for the planet, as I think that they are made from plastic. Cat food in cans (steel) and trays (aluminium) can be recycled and are a better buy.

What could be a campaign slogan Pass over Pouches? ---ummmm --- not sure about that! Do you have any ideas?

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