Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some new recycling fundraisers

Don't throw them away! If they are in their original cases, Music Magpie will pay for them and then sell them to new, appreciative customers.
However, if you are feeling magnanimous, you could post your unwanted goods to Elmsett CEVC Primary School IP7 6PA and help our small, very green Eco-school to raise funds for two large projects that are in the planning process.
The building work for the final extensiion is due to start later this year and as it will take up a large area of the playground, plans are afoot to have an all-weather surface area constructed on the meadow, next to the school.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Global warming is going to be worse than predicted is just one of the gloomy items of news from Planet Ark. Yet there is still a sense of apathy from the policy makers, planners and the "Not my Problem" families.
A number of my environmentally aware friends and relations are advertising the latest film about climate change. The Age of Stupid looks as if it could be a reality, non fiction horror prediction for everyone's future.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Christmas Card News

We took 5 bin liners of Christmas card to our local Tesco and I managed to weigh them on my bathroom scales this year, so the total weight was roughly 50kgs.
Over the last ten years the number of bin liners has usual been more than 5, so I reckon that we have sent almost half a tonne to the Woodland Trust's scheme.
Anyhow, I sent them an email to let them know about our efforts and had the following reply

Thank you very much for collecting all those cards for us! We are extremely grateful to you all for making such a huge effort on our behalf. Please will you pass on our thanks?

Our scheme isn’t all about tree planting. It’s really important to remember that the benefits of taking part in the scheme are two-fold. As well as raising money for trees to be planted - 17,000 trees last year, it also reduces the amount of harmful methane being pumped out into the atmosphere by cards being dumped on landfill. Our cards are recycled and re-used, reducing our impact on the planet.

Secondly, while it might seem that dropping off one card doesn’t make a big difference, we remind people that if everyone recycled just one card, we’d be able to plant 15,000 trees! Over the 12 years the scheme has run, around 144,000 trees have been planted. So what might seem like a small gesture is, actually, hugely important and has a big impact when it’s part of a national effort.

Once again, many, many thanks for your valuable contribution and for supporting our scheme.

With very best wishes

Alison Evershed

Christmas Card Recycling Scheme Administrator

I'm looking forward to receiving the certificate!