Monday, June 15, 2009

Most schools could raise funds by recycling some materials that are usually thrown away, even if storage space is a problem. If you're not able to set up, or have room for recycling banks, then one off collections for textiles and these other materials might be a good idea.
Textiles are quite valuable at the moment, hence the increasing number of charities that have plastic bags delivered to households throughout the country!
Black Country Rags have large lorries for their collections and pay schools for the weight of materials picked up. What's more, they assure me that their business is very environmentally friendly, in that they have recycling banks at their warehouse for plastic, paper and other extraneous items that are part of the collections. They have very little "waste" that end up in landfill sites
Takeback will collect 20 cartridges, free of charge. They take up little room when packed 2 to a box, or even better put them in 2 large boxes. Requests for a collection will usually be dealt with within 24 hours. You need to make sure that your cartridges are on their list before you ask for a collection.
Music Magpie likes people to have 100 CDs/DVDs and games.
Easy for large schools and if you get parents, local businesses and the community involved , these schemes could become mega money-makers for you in the greenest possible way


Water recycling said...

You`re very true! I think no less important to pay attention about water resourser on our earth, and all problems about global warming! Schools will take seriosly support to global world nature safety.
Thank you.

Eco-gran said...

Thank you Water recycling. Water is going to be a really big issue in the future, for everyone.Too much or too little and not at the right time!