Sunday, January 02, 2011

Win one--lose one

The diggers and workman arrived the week before Christmas and managed to make a start on the new playground area, before the snow got too bad. The topsoil has been removed and some of it will be used to fill in the pond in the school's small,wildlife area.
Older than the school, the pond and its surrounding area, were improved when the recycling area was developed, but has since become shaded by nearby trees and been impinged upon by the new footpath along the road.
S0, great news about the new play area and a sad goodbye to the pond.


Deano... said...

Hope the filling in of the pond isn't killing off wildlife?
Frogs, newts, etc are one thing, but the midgies that are born in the water and then take flight are a valuable food source for bats living in wooded areas!

Eco-gran said...

Tobe hionest, there wasn't much living in there, but it would have been a good drinking spot for the local wildlife