Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another new Textile Bank?

Well--the rag raiders have been again! This time they damaged our bank and no-one could open it. So  thanks to prompt action by Black Country Rags (BCR), we now have this FORT KNOX style container on site.
The police have reacted quickly and perhaps this might be the last time that I have to contact them.
If any rag raiders read this, they should know that we are hatching a cunning plan!


jake ostler said...

I love these new bins. The recyclers in Edmonton just put a new one of these outside my local school and they are way better than the other ones. They don't flip open in the wind too.

Aaron Banks said...

It's great to see the effect the recyclers in Edmonton have on the whole community. Having the ability to change the ways of a whole community is incredible.

Sillowine sanderson said...

That is awesome! Where can I find recyclers in Edmonton? This makes me want to get a few for my town. Recycling is a win-win for everyone!