Sunday, December 07, 2014

Busy Book Recycling

This summer has been very busy for the recycling centre--our 20th year. Loads of wonderful fiction and non-fiction paper and hardbacks have been left in my porch and deposited in the wheelie bin at the recycling centre. Unsuitable ones contribute to the weight in the paper banks. Other are put on a stall by my gate .Others are sold on the internet. The book below is on Ebay  As new, it'sunusual and  a bargain!
It’s always good to receive feedback from people that have bought books online. These two recent comments are from people that have bought from over 200 books that are on my page at Green Metropolis
 John from Aylesbury wrote
“Thank you so much for sending the Medieval Wall Paintings book so promptly.  Excellent condition – I really am not fussed about an inscription on the inside cover!
It’s a great service you provide. With my very best wishes.   ”
And Mary from Abergavenny wrote
“This book was beautifully wrapped and contained a lovely note. Thanks so much!”

I also have a shop on Amazon. All the books are in very good condition or better—even the antique ones.

Monday, August 25, 2014

New initatives.

Plastic carrier bags are a plague on the natural world, so I've started to collect them at the recycling centre. Not convinced if, or how they are recycled by the large supermarkets, but they will be taken to one of their collection points unitl I find a better alternative. I understand, if the price is right, they are shipped to the Far East in the empty container vessals that bring goods to this country. Not too sure how they are  dealt with there! Otherwise they are put into landfill sites. If anyone knows better, please let me know.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Elmsett School's Community Recycling Centre has been officially open for 20 years. I believe we were one of the first schools in Suffolk to do this.
It was a great way to introduce the pupils to many aspects of environmental education not least , the  problems of waste, pollution, the destruction and how to care for our environment in a sustainable way. In fact, on our first application to become an Eco School we were awarded a Green flag, the highest level of achievement.
Since leaving teaching, environmental issues are getting worse. Our children and grandchildren face a dire future and need to know how their lifestyles can make a difference. I'm not sure that the national curriculum tackles this in any depth-- but I could be wrong! They should look at my daughter's new website for helpful hints and expert advice.
So we are celebrating 20 years of recycling this term, starting with an all day party in the village hall this Friday. Leaflets and a bin liners have been distributed throughout the village, which people have been asked to fill with recyclables and bring to the event. Members of the  PTA and children from the Eco committee will sort everything out. Should be fun. Tea and cakes will be available. Cheers!
Meanwhile -- a bit of tidying up is needed at the recycling centre.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hadleigh Green Fair

Spent the day selling second hand books and new copies of Old Knobbley and  talking about Buckle's Wood. Lots of interest all round and Old Knobbley seemed to be quite famous!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A mammoth task.

The PTA and the recycling fundraising schemes have a huge target this year.
The children's toilets need refurbishing (Suffolk County Council has no money due to budget cuts) and extra resources are needed for the new curriculum.
So the target is a massive £12,000.
I was sorting out books to sell, I was trying to think of an appropriate slogan for our campaign.
Books for Bogs came to mind, but perhaps A Read for the Toilets would be more acceptable?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Still recycling

I apologise for the slight pause with blogging over the winter, partly due to sorting out the recycling accounts and then getting used to a new laptop when my very old computer died.
Our  recycling centre was opened 20 years ago!  The drawings above are from that time and are self portraits drawn by some of the children that I taught. My weekly assemblies were always about caring for our environment (in  its broadest sense, from waste to wonder) with the children went to secondary school  quite a few of them were eco-warriors  and still are, I hope!
We continue to collect paper, glass, textiles, drinks cartons, books and aluminium cans at our recycling centre in the fenced off area at the end of the school playground.
I  pick up toner and inkjet cartridges from local companies and Takeback Ltd  collects  from other local and national companies on our behalf.
Spectacles are given to Vision Aid Overseas, via our local optician and aluminium foil is collected   by members of the Sudbury Resource Centre.
Everyone can do their bit to help the environment and there's a wonderful new website hat can inspire you. Check it out