Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Elmsett School's Community Recycling Centre has been officially open for 20 years. I believe we were one of the first schools in Suffolk to do this.
It was a great way to introduce the pupils to many aspects of environmental education not least , the  problems of waste, pollution, the destruction and how to care for our environment in a sustainable way. In fact, on our first application to become an Eco School we were awarded a Green flag, the highest level of achievement.
Since leaving teaching, environmental issues are getting worse. Our children and grandchildren face a dire future and need to know how their lifestyles can make a difference. I'm not sure that the national curriculum tackles this in any depth-- but I could be wrong! They should look at my daughter's new website for helpful hints and expert advice.
So we are celebrating 20 years of recycling this term, starting with an all day party in the village hall this Friday. Leaflets and a bin liners have been distributed throughout the village, which people have been asked to fill with recyclables and bring to the event. Members of the  PTA and children from the Eco committee will sort everything out. Should be fun. Tea and cakes will be available. Cheers!
Meanwhile -- a bit of tidying up is needed at the recycling centre.

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